Saturday, January 31, 2009

how do i spend my mid-sem break

How do I spend my mid-semester break? Frankly speaking, I did not remember anything about what I have done last mid-semester break. Maybe there is nothing special at all about that break. I tried to remember but my memory failed me to do so. Then, nothing I could share to all of you. What I know is I am eager to went home but the bus is late too much how could you figure it out the bus is suppose to take us at Dungun at 5.00 pm. But we all were waiting there for 2 hours, how you dare keep us waiting for you bus drivers. When the bus just starts moving the bus drivers take a break. Just a few meters away from the bus stop. And once we all are waiting again.

What more? I went home and sleep much and playing game for non-stop. That’s all from me. But the good think I done I did not mention here. What I do is come from my heart no need to tell everyone. I do what I do not to get respect from the others. I just do it for myself. See you all at UITMT if I were still in this earth.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

one sem spend in uitmt

Hye everyone. This time I would like to share with you guys about my experience being a uitm student for one semester. For me, Universiti Teknologi Mara Terengganu (UIMT) is very means to me. Of course there is lot of sweets memories to remember and there are also sad memories that I could not forget lies within it. For a several months I suffer from being hurt by a good girl, finally I got the offer to continue my study at UITMT. I am glad to go there. When I arrive at UITMT my spirit are eager to learn something news. I did not make many friends when the ‘Minggu Mesra Siswa’ (MMS) in progress because of I like to be alone. I just talk whenever I was being asked by someone.

After the MMS is over I got chance to know about my roommates more closer because before this we just see each other’s face and do not have a free time to talk about each others. I got a tall roommate and a cute roommate and the other guy is was my friend at my hometown and we came from the same school.

When the class start I do not care about others problem and in my mind, I was only think about study. My past teach me about something that have a great impact on my life. That is I should not enjoy my life when I study. If not I could failed that subject. I was study hard for the first half of that semester. When I go back home for a mid-term break. I bought a laptop, and I was crazy in playing game all the night and day even morning I just sitting and played game. Then after the chemical quiz, I got a not so good result. Then I realize that I should not play all day long. From that day I just played game when the weekends arrive.

After that problem solve another come in handy to ruin up my life. I met my ex-girlfriend study here too taking public administrator course. I have not seen her quite long after finished the school. We used to be a classmate when we were in form 5. I like her but I do not like her attitude. She always lies to me. Her words cannot be trusted even a single word. We talk a little when we met up to go back to our hostel. And she asking me a favor that is accepts her back. But, it hard to me accept her back because I don’t believe in her anymore. But she keeps messaging me. At last, I accept the offer but I don’t believe in her 100% as I should be one year ago. I do not want to be hurt for uncounted times anymore. After several weeks with her, just I thought that is she had another guy. How sad I am, after giving her another uncounted chance, she does not use it. Then I stay back for her owns sake. I do not want her new boyfriend feel what I have feel. And we never contact since then.

Losing her is like losing my own soul. I became soulless guy. My life becomes empty. I could not study nor concentrate in the class. But, one day I saw a cute one at the bridge when I want to go to class. I found the source of light in the middle of dark night. It like I was the blind color men and looking at her and then see the color shining come up from that girl. I could not express my feeling because it more than words. But, the only problem is she is a ‘******’. I could not tell it. I do not have authorized to do that. After that I could not even stop thinking of her. I know that she might bring the difference inside me. Fortunately, my roommates taking the same course as her. But in difference class. I got her phone number at late night 19/10/08 by asking her classmate that is my friend, Halizudin.

Then on 25/10/08 that is on the study week she asked me to go to Mesra Mall at Kerteh to release tension before going into final examination. Then we share our money to rent the car. She drives because I do not have a license yet and I could not drove car. After we when to Mesra Mall, the time minimum required to rent the car do not over yet. Then we decide to go to Kuantan. It was a good experience for me. First time I got friend like that. And when the final examination over I went out with her to Kuantan for second time that is for the last time I saw her in that semester. Kuantan also means to me because it where I start my story and I end it there too.

Furthermore, in last semester I got title “prince”. But it does not suit me because I am not handsome like others. That all I can write. There is lot more I wanted to share but because of my eyes am killing me. I should stop here and go to sleep. I also got “dekan” for last semester that all because of my friends. If not, I would not get that. I hope this semester we all fight for it. And we all get it. Thanks friends. You all means a lots in my life..I won’t forget you all even I my teeth goes down, my hair turn white I will remember your name and your faces.

its all happen in UITMT just in 5 month..

then UITMT is means a lots to me