Friday, February 27, 2009

LINUX or eternity

after a few hours sitting in front of laptop wondering what to do with eternity,
i got no idea what i should done
it already being tweak...almost at all
even the half open tcpip set to unlimited and could not change at all

i thinks
mybe i will use linux just for the now to gain some knowledge
but i am totally dunno what to do with linux either
too "open"
not like windows too "closed"
dats y if u hang tweaking in windows u
wont be able to go back

mostly hacker prefer to use linux instead of windows
but i am not a hacker
not a newbies
not a wat ever
i just eager to know what the OS could do and wats da limits is
for the people dat have been using windows and do not even try the open source da 1st things they will learn is refresh
u will know if u tried it by urself

learn from the experience is more useful than in class
i use linux mint felicia
"from freedom come elegence"
open source is da best
fight for it i will supoort open source

Thursday, February 26, 2009

after i use eternity



this is the 1st test after i use eternity
at da left i use my vista ultimate
n at da right i use my vista eternity
the difference is so big
it seem dat eternity more stable than ultimate
i did not tweak my eternity yet

finally....the time has come...

:( :(
i am so sad finally..tonight i will format my laptop...
i love u so much vista ultimate.. even u are just RTM
but u are the one that teach me lots of things.... at our first meet, i am glad to c u..
u are totally awesome.. but after i used u for a week..
i feel u are annoying because i more familiar with XP back there but, finally i found out dat u are da precious one...
i learn much more than before with u i playing game for non-stop...
without sleeping.... for da 1st time i enjoy playing game..
first time i expel out much of my adrenaline playing game because of u but.... because of u
i lose pengkid picture because of u!!!!!!!!! i hate u but i love u bye2 my love dis is my last shout 4 u bye2 sooo sad!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

where all my friends

i wonder y...where all my friends...
indeed, my blogs not so nice like others
but i think ur blog wont effected if u all follow me
i am so sad
only aiman and fazilah are follow my blog
how could u guys do dis to ur friends
and syafik too
forgot bout u

now..u all are freely to comments

heys guys check this out...
now u alll are freely to comment my blogs
i changed back my layouts to the default
then, the results was surprised
i can comment my blogs

sick of new ISP protocol

ISP limits BitTorrent bandwidth Tier 1 partners might 1 shape proposed Encryption level limits bandwidth for accounts with a high traffic volume limits bandwidth during certain times of the day prevents seeding 2 prevents/filters .torrent download 3 causes unsolvable NAT problem offers no real flatrate
TM net, Malaysia Yes No ? No No No No No No

i am not telling that this ISP is useless...but, in my opinion this ISP that we at UITMT used it freely(but for me i paid the accounts) is slow in downloading international torrent..
i am a torrent finder and downloader and rarely upload torrent...
i feel so sick of waiting the downloading tasks being completed....
but, the rumoured said that TM is now at the projects to created their own IP center...
i am glad to hear it, if it is true, then the download speed become increase..
how happy i am...
but i still frustrated why TM should limit the BT bandwidth it is not fair like that..
the connection even not reach T1...
in singapore, they used starhub and that ISP do not limits the BT bandwith
how annoying i feel..i got 339 kb/s and my torrent download just only at plus minus 15 kb/s...
furthermore, usings this ISP also i cant surf how sad i am...
i hope TM will upgrade their sytems and service so that we as their user not feel so frustrated

formatting my laptop

i will format my laptop soon...after a month waiting for vista eternity beings downloads
finally, a few hours ago, it have done downloading.
i am so happy, after got "windows not genuine" problem, i rearm back my laptop and crack the OEM genuine code, i can used my vista ultimate, but it not stable as it used to be.
then, tonight or maybe tomorrow, i will format my laptop
good bye Microsoft..but i am still using Microsoft based OS..hahaha

Friday, February 13, 2009

the best things that happen in my life

the best things that happen in my life is erm let me thinks first erm that 1 is too personal, that one is i did not remember the full stories and that 1 i just could imagine that therefore, maybe there is nothing i had to told to u guys

oooo i remember there is something that just happen in my life that change my life completely maybe this story is useless to u guys but for me it is a really unbelievable things that happen in my life

this story is about a girl that doesn't seem like girl that is pengkid hahaha i fall in love with pengkid for the 1st time ever in my life i just saw her for the 1st time at the bridge then my heart telling me that he want that girl before this i hate pengkid,lesbian,gay,and others but,

after fall in love with that peng, i can accept pengkid in my life but that the only peng that i could accept in my life

actually it is because of i lost my girlfriend that i have been protected too much i do not blame to that girl it is my fault because i have been playing around too many girl before this maybe that is my punishment hahaha

back to my story the first day i messaging that peng, i throw away my shy, my scare, and everything. i just believe in myself and the result is she replying my message she told me that she do not know why she wanted to replying my sms even thought there is too many people sms her wanted to know her

maybe i am the lucky one in that time, hahaha then start from that moment our relationship become stronger like an hydrogen bond stronger that van der wall bond and ionic bond hahaha but just as a good friend i just could be her brother even she is more older that me hahaha

but it was the happiest thing that happen in my life
even i am not her boyfrenz
and i know that frenz are more meaningful
that special some one

every single minute i am with her i feel so great
and i cant forget for that moment

the really2 best things happen in my life is
take a trip to kuantan with her
as our 1st date
it cannot be replaced
even every week i went to kuantan with her
the 1st one is the greatest one
its more than words

we are wearing the same t-shirt that we bought at the same mall
we taking a windows shopping
she paid the lunch for me
and so many interesting things
after a day with her
we went back to uitmt
at the late night

that all
i am sleepy
wanted to sleep

Sunday, February 8, 2009

what would i like to change about my life

i think i don't have anything to change about my life. it is because if i change my attitude i will be a perfect one. then what is my challenged in this life if there is no my weakness. i live in this world is to overcome my weakness. but if there is a chance. what i want to change about my life is:

firstly, i want to change about my behavior, i do not want to playing game a lot. because all my time being eaten by my if i played, i cant stop from playing. it look like my nature. i born to playing game. but, reality i am not. that why i tried my best to stop playing game.

secondly, i am shy with girl. then i want to overcome this weakness. that why i dont have any girl-friends(dont miss understanding). it mean friends not a special someone. instead of my classmate i dont have any friends that are girl.

i thinks that all. i will update it later. i am run out of idea.
see u guys. i know there is no one read my blogs